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Thomas Droze


Thomas has a passion for finding challenges and solving them. He finds inspiration in the clever ideas he stumbles upon while travelling around, in nature and his many passions. He is very curious about new technologies. Thomas likes to create small moments of happiness by combining innovation with emotional hints.

That's why in 2011, after graduating his Bachelor in product design in France, he decided to travel around the world to Shanghai. He wanted to get closer to where most of today's products come from and experience the revolution happening in China. There, while preparing his Master's degree in transcultural design, he took part in two internships, one where he designed a new generation of bikes for the Chinese market and one for a Chinese creative agency. In 2013 he presented his Master's Degree Thesis in Shanghai and graduated from l'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique. During these 5 years of studies, Thomas received many awards for many projects (BraunPrize, Cumulus, ...).

In 2014, Thomas joined the XD Design studio in Shanghai as a designer. "I saw a real opportunity to harness my ideas and transform them in actual products. XD Design is a growing brand and they focus on creating better products for end-users and for the environment. I believe in the same ideas and I am happy to be part of this exciting company where I learn so much everyday as we like to stretch the limits of our knowledge and find innovative answers to every question."

His favorite project yet at XD Design is the Hoot, a modern and elegant bird feeder. Thomas took great care in creating an item assembled only with a single screw and a hand twist. Looking clean and pure on the outside, Hoot houses a clever way for the grains to fall on the feeding area, allowing you to fill the tank and leave it for many days without worrying about it. Thomas also designed a range of pens : the Twist and the Kliq. "We worked closely with our maker to stretch the limits of what they could do. The result is two pens made from two large pieces of finely engineered solid aluminum that give a very nice feeling in your hand."