How do I recognize a real Bobby backpack
by XD Design online?
By Melanie, October 5th 2017
How do I verify my
XD Design Bobby Bag?
By Melanie, October 5th 2017
The first Bobby was launched in 2016 via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Since then the Bobby by XD Design has been a huge success!

One downside of being a well-known brand with a key item is ...

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  • All the Bobby bags are delivered in a big box where the Bobby is illustrated in black.
  • The features of the Bobby backpack are written on the box as well as the brand name, model name and color name...
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Wishlist & Wanderings
By Lauren, October 6th 2017
Social Media
By Melanie, October 18th 2017
Travel tips, city guides, and inspiration ...
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We would like to connect with you on social media! At our social media pages you can...
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