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Thermosbottles of the highest quality!

XD Design is known for over 25 years as a innovative thermosbottles brand. This is why XD Design delivers products of highest quality. The vacuum flasks of XD Design are always stylish but also easy to clean due to the smart design. Our models are easy to carry and will keep your hot or cold drinks at the right temperature, wherever you go! A design thermosbottle is a perfect gift. Nowadays people travel much more and want to enjoy their fresh home made coffee or tea.

All our thermosflasks have an insulated layer which keeps your drinks hot or cold for a long time, you can find more information on this below each product in the product details.

XD Design has a clear vision based on sustainability. Therefore XD Design is very strong in developing recyclable vacuum flasks. Also learn more about our eco vacuum flasks with the Cradle to Cradle concept that reduces the enormous amount of plastic on the world.