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Thermos mugs of the highest quality!

XD Design offers thermos mugs in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. No matter if you are looking for a travel mug or for a stylish design you can find these at XD Design. We are for over 25 years specialized in designing and producing thermos mugs and other drink ware. All our mugs are designed in house and produced by ourselves. Because of this we can promise you that your XD Design thermos mug is of the highest quality which will ensure you with the best drinking experience. Our mugs not only look good, they are also very durable and will last many years! The travel mugs are not only fun to give as gift but also a nice treat for yourself. With the thermos mugs of XD Design you can bring your warm or cold drinks without any issues wherever your journey goes.

Sustainable Thermos mugs

XD Design is proud to the first drinkware producer to receive a cradle to cradle certificate for the Boom thermos mug. This reusable mug is unique because at the end of its life cycle it can completely be recycled completely. By drinking from this mug you help to reduce the garbage pile we create every day. But also the Dia mugs are easy to take apart piece by piece to recycle the product at the end of it's lifecycle.

Feel free to also have a look at our other sustainable products made from recycled or natural materials.