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Bobby's features

You've made up your mind and you're going to buy the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack by XD Design. 


But... which one should you choose?
Well, no worries here.
Even though we can imagine it's a difficult decision, we're here to help you.

Below you'll find a list with all the features of each Bobby backpack.
So - do you need a water repellent bag that is cut proof, spacious ánd has a steel reinforced lock?
Then the Bobby Urban seems the right fit. Which is also a great sportsbag by the way!  

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For dimensions and further specifications we recommend to check out each backpack here.


  • 7 Bobby backpacks and each with their own Anti-Theft features.
    Which backpack fits best with my travel needs?
  • As you may have noticed in the last couple of months, we revamped our looks!
    And this exciting visual conversation will only keep going ...
  • The first Bobby was launched in 2016 via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Since then the Bobby by XD Design has been a huge success!
    One downside of being a well-known brand with a key item is ...
  • We would like to connect with you on social media! At our social media pages you can...
  • All the Bobby bags are delivered in a big box where the Bobby is illustrated in black.
    The features of the Bobby backpack are written on the box as well as the brand name, model name and color name...
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