How do I recognize a real Bobby® backpack
by XD Design®

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Here's how to recognize the real Bobby® backpack.


The first Bobby® was launched in 2016 via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Since then the Bobby® by XD Design® has been a huge success! 

One downside of being a well-known brand with a key item is that you are bound to be copied by others. Together with our legal team we do our utmost best to ensure those copies are taken off the Internet as soon as possible. In addition, we would like to inform you about the following red flags. 

If you wish to buy a Bobby® online, we would like to advise you to make sure both the model name and brand name are communicated correctly.

Red flag 1: 

The anti-theft backpacks by XD Design® are named after the iconic British Policemen. Therefore, there are no brothers or sisters on the market named Anthony, Smarty, Bibbi, Sisi, or even Bonny. 

Red flag 2: 

The USB port of the original Bobby® is hidden between your hip and the bag and herewith not visible while wearing the bag. The difference with the fake- Bobby®’s is that they have the USB port located on the outside of the bag.



Not a real XD Design® Bag                                The real  Bobby® bag


Red flag 3: 

XD Design® selected the colors for the Bobby®’s based on color trends. The bags are therefore only available in specific colors. The Bobby® Bizz is only available in black. The Bobby® Compact is available in five vibrant colors; primrose yellow, diver blue, coralette, pastel blue, and mint green. The Bobby® Original is available in three colors; all black, grey, and red. In addition, there are two limited editions of the Bobby® Original; The DJ Tiësto edition and the midnight blue version. Of which the Midnight blue is no longer available. Any other color used on the Bobby® backpack indicates that it is not an original XD Design® product. 

These two color editions below are not produced by XD Design®:


Red flag 4: 

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is! We aim to keep the pricing equal worldwide. A reseller might offer a special discount during a Holiday but please do bear in mind that his discount must be reasonable. If the seller is offering a 50% discount, it is not an official bag. 

Red flag 5: 

Quality of photos
The photos used by our resellers and ourselves are always from high quality. Our resellers will have access to our copyrighted photo database. Unofficial resellers or fake resellers often use photos of very low quality or cropped photos to cut off our brand name. In addition, those resellers often have one or two photos on their page with their own real bag where the outside USB port will show again. Please make sure you scroll through all their photos to not miss it! 

Red flag 6:

Fortune wheel
No, it is not your lucky day as soon as this banner pops up on the left side of your screen. Please leave this page immediately if you intend to buy an original Bobby® backpack by XD Design® because those fortune wheels are only promoted on a fake reseller’s website. 


Red flag 7: 

Whereas the Bobby® backpack is firm and holds its form, the copies of the Bobby® backpack are of very poor quality. The bags look and feel saggy thus won’t hold their form and are neither anti-theft nor cut-proof. 

Copies of the Bobby®: 

Original  Bobby®:


If you shop at or you can be 100% sure that you are buying the original Bobby® Anti-Theft backpack by XD Design® - as these are our Official channels. 

If you want to buy a Bobby® backpack that is not from these sites and you aren't sure if it's a real Bobby®, please contact our support team at [email protected] and we will be happy to look into it for you!

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