An XD Design® backstory

News 2020


Hey Modern Nomad! Share your story with us! 

Do you own an XD Design® Bobby® backpack? Then share your Bobby® travel adventure with us! You can do so by tagging us on social media in a picture/video with the hashtag #xddesignbackstory or share it directly via DM/PM.

As you may have noticed, we are already featuring pictures on our social channels. Aside from that, we'll also be featuring a "photo of the week" in our newsletters. If you aren't a newsletter subscriber yet, simply sign up at the bottom of this page!
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So do keep on tagging and sharing your snaps! We just can't say it enough, but we're always excited to see your travel adventures. 

From globetrotters to daily commuters, our smart everyday travelwear
enables Modern Nomads to be safe, connected, organized, and responsible.





So.. what's your #xddesignbackstory ?


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