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Foodtrends for 2017

1. More veggies

The popularity of vegetables seems unstoppable. We can expect more substitutes for meat, more veggie comfort food, vegetable yoghurts and vegetable waste products on our plates this year.

2. Freaky milkshakes
If we sin this year, we do it Ozzie style with the Australian Freakshake: pieces of cake, biscuits, whipped cream, fruit and an epic topping. Sugar rush guaranteed!

3. Watermelon juice
Mark our words: The hit of this summer will be watermelon juice. Great food for picnics, beach visits, or other outdoor activities that take place predominately when it is hot outside. Bring it along, it can keep you from getting dehydrated!

4. Poke bowl
After last years hype of Pokemon Go, we will soon fall for the Hawaiian ‘poke bowl’: a salad with rice, vegeables and raw fish, marinated in lime juice, soy sauce and sesamy oil. Yummy!

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