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Intellectual Property

XD Design and BOBBY are Registered Trademarks of our mother company Xindao BV,  under these brands we design and produce backpacks of high-quality with a unique design and an eye for detail – beautiful and practical! 

We have high standards of Quality control to assure a high quality product. The designs of our backpacks are protected in many countries worldwide by design patents. The images we create for our website, catalogues, marketing activities online as well as offline are protected by copyright legislation.

Since the launch of our Bobby bags in 2016 we have become a target for counterfeiters, which results in damage to our brand and misinformation towards customers, who are tricked into buying inferior products. We urge all buyers to assure they are buying the original products, either from our online store or our XD Design shops on 3rd party platforms (such as Amazon, Ebay), or from authorized resellers.

If you have any doubts, please contact our customer service department at: customersupport@xd-design.com You can find more information on fake-indicators on our blogpost: How do I recognize a real Bobby backpack by XD.


We have an extensive IP (intellectual Property) policy to protect our brands and designs and we take action against counterfeiters where necessary. We have contacts with lawfirms and lawyers in many countries and use an online detection and removal platform to target counterfeiters.

On a separate note: Also be aware of sharing your credit card or personal information with unreliable sources! With XD Design your information is always in safe hands. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy. 


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