Personalize the XD Design® Anti-Theft backpack with your company logo

Would you love seeing your company logo on one of our backpacks? Perhaps as a personalized company gift? It’s possible! All our backpacks can have your company logo.


Our most used printing option is Screen transfer. Via the comment section you can let us know your backpack choice, the quantity, desired position and size of the logo on the backpack.

We have a lead-time of at least 4 working days and handle 3-4 days for delivery, depending on the country of shipment. For any other questions, you can also contact us via the form below.

Allowed printing areas

About XD Design®


XD Design® is a Dutch brand present in over 53 countries and 3.000 stores worldwide.
We design travelwear with functional features to make our user’s journeys easier and better. On top of being a stylish product, XD Design® backpacks are made from certified recycled materials. Our brand started in 2016 with the launching of the famous Bobby® Original anti-theft backpack. Now we have more than 50.000 followers on social media and 3.000 customer interactions.

Since the beginning, we have received lots of requests to personalize our products, adding corporate logos on them.

For this reason, we offer the service to print your logo on our XD Design® backpacks with superior quality. We can make our backpacks a customized, sustainable and unique gift.

We have a dedicated in-house printing facility that makes use of professional printing processes and techniques. This will assure a fast and high reliable artwork service with outstanding quality as result.

We care about our brand and we are happy to have XD Design® backpacks being part of many companies’ stories worldwide.

If you have a project, contact us!

We’ve got your back!
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