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Bobby Compressible Travel Cube

Item no. P705.202
€ 17,50

Bobby Compressible Travel Cube

€ 17,50
Wondering how to organize your garments and accessories
in the most ideal fashion for when traveling abroad or for
those short weekend trips?

Look no further, we have your back! With the Bobby Compressible Travel Cube,
you will not only be getting more storage area but it doesn't take up too
much space either! How you ask?

It's all in the zippers, my friend. They can be completely adjusted by expanding it,
which allows for extra capacity, or you can go ahead and zip up the travel pack to
compress your clothing items, thus leaving your luggage or backpack with
more room for other important articles.

The Bobby Compressible travel cube has a height of 37cm (14.6")
and a width of 28cm (11"). When the travel pack is compressed it's at
a depth of 4cm (1.6") and when expanded it will reach a depth of 14cm (5.5").

An additional 10cm (4") worth of space!
And check out those mesh pockets for smaller items.  Do not delete this link Do not delete this link