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Do you own an XD Design® backpack? Share your story/photo/video with us! 

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We always love to follow your travel adventures and feature it on our social channels! Because: Your story is our inspiration and — the journey is just as important as the destination.


So.. what's your #xddesignbackstory ? Scroll down and find some inspiration.


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Tim's backstory

Tim is an entrepreneur, he works for different companies in different projects. He makes confident choices, but he knows that his life is chaotic sometimes, so he carefully buys products that help him to stay organized. Follow him and his  Bobby® Hero towards a special moment. A moment where he has been spending the last couple of months working towards.

If it'll work... he'll be set for years. This is Tim's backstory. #xddesignbackstory


Why Bobby® Hero is a perfect fit with Tim's lifestyle:
Safe — Anti-theft design; Hidden zippers and hidden pockets
Connected — Integrated USB charging port
Organized — Organization panel and internal divisions
Responsible — Made from recycled materials

The backpack: Bobby® Hero

Lily's backstory

Lily is a music producer and a DJ. She’s a bit petite, but her stature doesn’t mean she’s any less confident. She doesn’t mind being alone, and she will speak her mind when asked and not asked. She likes products that make her feel safe and more empowered when she walks alone! Follow her in the late hours with the Elle Protective, off to a  gig. She's the main act of a big party - exciting! This is Lily's backstory #xddesignbackstory


Why the Elle Protective is a perfect fit with Lily's lifestyle:
Safe — Integrated alarm for emergency situations
Connected — SOS alarm to send her location to personal contacts
Organized — Organization panel and internal pockets
Responsible — 2% of all Elle Protective profits will be donated to UN Women – The United Nations entity for gender equality and empowerment of women

The backpack: Elle Protective

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