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How do I verify my XD Design Bobby Bag?

The Packaging
  • All the Bobby bags are delivered in a big box where the Bobby is illustrated in black.
  • The features of the Bobby backpack are written on the box as well as the brand name, model name and color name.
  • The bag includes cards on the shoulder strap which contains all the features of the bag, our brand name as well as an illustration of the bag.
  • Most* bags come with a card attached to it which includes a scratch code. This scratch code is unique and can be verified here.

*Check out the exceptions below.

The Bag
  • The YKK-zipper pullers all have our brand name ‘XD Design’ engraved.
  • On both sides of the bag, our brand name ‘XD Design’ is printed in reflective fabric that will reflect light.
  • On the inside, our brand name ‘XD Design’ is printed on the laptop compartment.
  • The USB port on the outside of the bag also has our brand name ‘XD Design’ engraved.

Verification code:

Most bags come with a card attached to it which includes a scratch code. This scratch code is unique and can be verified here.

This verification card was added after the first production run, which means that the first bags that were sold did not receive this card. For example the bags sold on Kickstarter.

What we do to prevent copies?
Together with our legal team we do our utmost best to ensure all the copies are taken off the Internet. Our products are all registered and patented by law. Using our content is only permitted with our consent. Copying our products is not allowed in any case. We support intellectual property and creative designs!

If you have any doubts regarding your bag, please feel free to reach out to us by e-mail! If you wish to verify an online resellers, please contact us by chat or by e-mail.

Rather go to a physical store?
We sell the Bobby’s worldwide and would love to help you find a local reseller. We can only confirm shop addresses by email as our sales team has to look up the correct address. Please send your request to along with the zip code, city and country you are looking for. We will respond to your email within two working days!

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