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" We design Smart Everyday Travelwear to enable the Modern Nomads to feel safe, to stay connected, organized and to move in a responsible way. "


XD Design is a proud Dutch brand present in over 50 countries and more than 3.000 retailers worldwide. Our journey started with the creation of our design Studio in Shanghai that is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world. But our brand, like many other success stories, started on a crowdfunding site called Kickstarter. In 2016 we launched our Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack that kicked off on a high note. Since then, we had over 50.000 backers on crowdfunding platforms, more than 3.000 customer interactions and thousands of followers on social media. 

As our following massively grew, we wanted to make sure we never lost sight of what's important to our company as well as our customers. Our products are designed to help the Modern Nomads to go about their day in a safe and functional way – enable them to move more connected and organized, regardless of distance, place or matter. 

Sustainability is also engraved in our DNA: with the utmost responsibility to our planet we use the best materials and packaging available in the market. 


XD Design enables the Modern Nomads to be safe of thieves and pickpockets with our iconic anti-theft design featuring hidden zippers, RFID protected pockets, protective alarms, cut-resistant materials and many more innovative features.

XD Design enables the Modern Nomads to be connected to the world thanks to Integrated USB Charging Ports, Solar Panels, Wireless Charging Pads and via SOS Notifications.

XD Design enables the Modern Nomads to travel comfortable and organized with Internal Dividers, Organization Panels and Mest Pockets, complemented by Compressible bags.

XD Design enables the Modern Nomads to be on the move with Respect for Our Planet through products and packaging that are made using Recycled Materials.


Master Challenges on the way
Our purpose, the reason why we exist, is all about making people smarter through innovative designs and giving them confidence to master challenges while they are on their way. From globetrotters to daily commuters, our smart everyday travel wear enables the Modern Nomads to be safe, connected, organized and responsible.



XD Design




Customer reviews
Transparency is important to us, therefore we want all our customers to speak freely about their experiences with our company. 

On Trustpilot, which is an independent review website, all our customers can share their absolute honest opinion about our products and service. Trustpilot’s content is not monitored and all reviews are visible for everyone. 

You can check out some of the customer experiences below or have a look on our Trustpilot page, which is always up to date with the latest reviews:   https://www.trustpilot.com/review/xd-design.com

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