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Marine Demeyere


Marine believes that travel and new cultures experimentation is the best inspiration for creativity. Experiencing cultures, not only what you can learn by reading a book or surfing the internet but what you get on the spot, in direct contact with people. That's the reason why she has spent some time in different countries experimenting different ways of thinking and living.

By doing an internship in HTC-One & Co in San Francisco, she gained experience in consumer electronics. Her interest in Scandinavian design brings her to Helsinki in Finland to work at Ilkka Suppanen design studio. All this made her complete her master in design management in 2011 at ISD International School of Design that she took in France and in India.

In 2013, after working in product development and design thinking projects at Decathlon (Oxylane group) in France, she joined XD Design as product Designer where she is currently working and enjoying the amazing life of Shanghai, a booming multi-cultural city where something surprising is happening every day! Intuitive, Innovation, Feasibility and Emotion, are the 4 key words that she uses as a guide to create relevant products. Marine focuses on creating accessible and user oriented objects and take into consideration the connection and interaction between the product and the user.

Marine designs with meaning, to approach a project she believes that interrogate about the reason and cause is a relevant start. For her, the question "why" needs to be consider at the beginning. Analyze today's people needs and new habits. The “Seattle” tablet holder for instance, the concept came from the analysis of a new way of working; nowadays the office isn't the only place we're working at, we travel more and more for business and we spend more and more time outside the office but still need to carry the basic tools to work properly. The “Seattle” is a smart product which brings a valid answer to these habits; it creates a new experience to the user by having a compact and portable workspace.

Marine is attentive to the story telling by the product, she designed the “Konekt” pens with the known-story that a gift should bring happiness and emotional connection between the giver and the receiver. As a good relationship, the 2 pens are connecting to each other. She believes that the story is as important as the product itself.