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It’s not about talking, it’s about being sustainable
Reinventing ourselves to become a sustainable and socially responsible company. We simply have to. The world’s population is growing with one million people a week. From 1.65 billion in 1900 to 7 billion today to 10 billion before 2050. Consuming ever more food and products. Using the world’s resources at an alarming rate that requires 1.5 planets. But there is no Planet B! So we need to change the system.

No future in take, make and waste
99% of all materials used, is turned into waste within six months after sale and most of this ends up in landfills. Pollution is running out of control – oceans fill up with plastics, global emission of CO2 increased 60% between 1997-2010. Time is running out. Companies know they have to act. “If companies want to survive in future they need to have social relevance. Manufacturing sustainable products will be the most important part in this strategy” (Paul Polman, CEO Unilever). Our industry is running into a dead end street as it does not particularly set an example of responsible behavior. At XD Design® we will.

A clear focus on social responsibility and the environment
Governments are going to ban certain products or materials in the near future and will enforce sustainability. Customers will avoid companies that don’t think ‘green’. Great! This will create a world of opportunities if we change ourselves into a sustainable company. It’s something we’ve believed in anyhow, but now we’re going all the way aiming at an ambitious goal: by 2020 none of our products will have a negative impact on our planet. And the coming years will challenge us to meet this challenge in every possible way. At the end of the day, we will have a truly unique promise to our stakeholders, setting ourselves apart as a true leader in our industry. Will it be easy? On the contrary, and there will be setbacks, no doubt. Will it be profitable? Perhaps not in the short term, but for sure on the long term. Sustainable companies are doing better than traditional ones – there’s plenty of evidence to support this. The new XD Design® will be good for people, planet and profit. Doing good is good for business!

Sustainability according to plan: XD Vision 2020
Becoming 100 % sustainable – it won’t be a piece of cake. Therefore we’ve developed a step-by-step approach. We will monitor our results and share them with everybody involved. As we believe that in becoming sustainable, transparency is key. Check our complete roadmap on
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