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XD Backstories

Do you own an XD Design backpack?
Share your story/photo/video with us!
Who knows you'll be the lucky winner of an XD Design surprisebox. 

You can tag us on social media in a picture/video with the hashtag #xddesignbackstory or share it directly via DM/PM. 

We always love to follow your travel adventures and feature it on our social channels! Because: Your story is our inspiration. And: The journey is just as important as the destination.


So.. what's your #xddesignbackstory ?


Click here and share your (visual) story at:


Max's backstory

Max is a Young Professional. We follow him and his Bobby Hero towards a special moment. A moment where he has been spending the last couple of months working on. If it works.. he'll be set for years. What will it be? This is Max's #xddesignbackstory


Why Bobby Hero is a perfect fit with Max's lifestyle

The backpack: Bobby Hero

Julia's backstory

Julia's a DJ. We follow her in the late hours with the Elle Protective. Tonight is different than any other night, because tonight could really be something. She's the main act of a big party. Will she pull it off? This is Julia's #xddesignbackstory


Why Elle Protective is a perfect fit with Julia's lifestyle

The backpack: Elle Protective


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