We've been on an adventure of our own!

We've been looking for real, inspiring stories all over the world.

Stories from true Modern Nomads that travel with their XD Design Anti-Theft backpack. 

Meet Miguel, Rhona and Dario
- whose narrative is our inspiration:

 This story is not about us, but all about you.
You, the one who is always in motion.

Sometimes, on the way to an exotic place,
and other times, just simply commuting.

Sometimes you work at the office,
other times you work at home, in the train,
a plane, or even a taxi.

Sometimes you sleep at home,
and sometimes, you don't. 

Sometimes you make a trip
to your grandparents, and other times,
you go and explore the world in a camper.

Whatever you do, wherever you are,
you simply never stop moving.

You truly inspire us to design
the smartest products.

Products with function and style.

Your story is our story.
Your path is our direction.

XD Design

  1. Bobby Pro Anti-Ficktjuv Ryggsäck, Svart
    Bobby Pro Anti-Ficktjuv Ryggsäck, Svart
    Ordinarie pris € 139,95 Specialpris € 111,96

  1. Elle Säkerhetsryggsäck, Blå
    Elle Säkerhetsryggsäck, Blå
    Ordinarie pris € 119,95 Specialpris € 95,96

  1. Bobby Original Anti-Ficktjuv Ryggsäck, Grå
    Bobby Original Anti-Ficktjuv Ryggsäck, Grå
    Ordinarie pris € 89,95 Specialpris € 62,97

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