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The big bottle test


When I was asked to test some sports bottles I did not expect to test 3 different ones! But as I drink a lot of water because I know it is good for me and I go to the gym twice a week, I thought it would be an easy task. My regular bottle is a super- market bottled brand that doesn’t last very long, so I buy a new bottle every two weeks or so. For this comparison I used every test bottle for about a week and I filled it with tap water. Didn’t notice any difference. Taste-wise that is! In terms of practical use, there was a big difference, as you can read in my review.

1. Frost bottle
Of course, the first thing I noticed was the special feel of the material. When I figured out that it wasn’t damaged, but that I could put the container part in the freezer I tried it right away! After 3 hours in the freezer I poured my sports drinks in the container. After the workout and a refreshing shower some three hours later, the remaining drink was still cool!

2. Tritan sport bottle
A big 800ml model that has a good feature: a straw! When I was doing my spinning training in the gym this came in handy. I did not have to tilt the bottle to be able to drink. The drinking spout folds to securely close the bottle. Because the spout is not protected in any way, I would rather choose this bottle for indoor sports.

3. Bopp Sport activity bottle
Original! That is what struck me when I saw this one! Obviously a running bottle, the opening also functions as a grip when drinking. Despite the opening, it still holds 550ml, which is pretty good. The coloured element has a comfortable soft touch to it. My only worry was that the closure of lid cannot be locked. Otherwise, this is a practical bottle and a true conversation piece in the gym, as I found out!"

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